Advantech-DLoG and CANGO form partnership

Advantech-DLoG: Economical Fleet Utilization through Analysis of Vehicle Data

Germering, Germany, September 18, 2011 – Advantech-DLoG, the leading international specialist in the development and manufacture of in-vehicle computing solutions, is cooperating with CANGO, manufacturer of CAN bus solutions and products for the capture of vehicle data. This collaboration enables Advantech-DLoG to integrate the innovative CAN bus technology CANGOclick into its fleet management solutions and thus retrieve vehicle information. The fact that makes this solution so innovative is its way to read CANbus signal and simple installation – CANGOclick reads vehicle signals without making a wire to wire connection. This technology guarantees that no intrusive signals are send to the vehicle CANbus or J1708 bus. This eliminates liability matters, warranty issues or wrong connections. By using this data, the current operating costs for trucks, commercial vehicles, and construction machines can be decreased considerably.

The way in which a vehicle is used has a considerable effect on the costs. If a vehicle is constantly driven in a worn-down condition, the costs for maintenance and repairs increase. Therefore, it is important to know the vehicle’s mileage, wear and tear, gasoline consumption, and the driving style of the driver in order to make an economical assessment of the vehicle’s use, to uncover untapped potential, and to avoid certain risks, such as a vehicle breakdown.

“We look forward to the partnership with CANGO and the future collaboration in the area of vehicle data capture, which continues to increase in importance for fleet management,” said Sayed Maudodi, product manager for fleet management at Advantech-DLoG. “In fleet management, costs are a significant factor in the competitive ability of transportation companies. The use of CAN bus technology can help such a company decrease the operating costs of its fleet. Crucial for the successful use of this technology, however, is the ability not only to capture the data, but also to evaluate it correctly.” 

CAN bus technology: valuable data for cost reduction

In integrating CAN bus technology into its fleet management solutions, Advantech-DLoG relies on CANGOclick and CANGO CAN gateways. This system’s unique feature: data is read without wire-to-wire connection from a twisted CAN cable of which a short section is untwisted and clamped. This enables very simple installation in which no physical wire-to-wire connection is required. There are a total of three interfaces available for further processing of the data. These gateways provide the data in ASCII, a reliable and standardized form and also in FMS standard. Both interfaces take on different tasks: the J1708 centralizes and codifies the data (in J1939 format), and provides protection from external damage. The FMS interface acts as a firewall to keep the data from the vehicle network from interfering with the outside world, filters the data, and sends the proprietary vehicle signals in FMS standard.

The fleet manager receives information on fuel level and useful life via the CAN bus, as well as information on the routes covered. With the help of this data he can identify at what speed the vehicle is mainly driven and he can check whether a reduction in speed would offer any potential for savings. Furthermore, he can centrally monitor vehicle conditions, such as warning lights, mileage, etc., identify upcoming service intervals and coordinate a prompt visit to the car repair shop when necessary. This way, lengthy vehicle breakdowns or expensive repairs can easily be prevented. In addition, companies can carry out targeted training and driver training courses so that the driver can learn to drive in a manner that reduces fuel consumption and wear.

“CANGO has more than 20 years of experience in the area of signal measurement, and continues to develop its products so that they meet the latest requirements. Also, we are developing a Driver Support System which offers important data and parameters about the driver’s behavior but also help the driver in order to drive safely on the one hand, and on the other hand are very useful because the classical information about the trucks will be completed with specific data and parameters which help at a better fleet management.” said Puiu Dumitru CEO of CANGO. “We are the ideal partner for Advantech-DLoG in fleet management solutions, because we can adjust our solution precisely to meet the customer’s needs.”

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