ECO Driving & CO2 Emissions Reduction

Revolutionize Your Fleet Management with Innovative Eco-Driving Solutions Harness Cutting-Edge Technology to Drive Efficiency, Safety, and Sustainability

Cango Mobility’s Eco-Driving Solution

In an era where sustainability and efficiency are more than buzzwords, eco-driving emerges as a game-changing solution. It’s not just about reducing your carbon footprint; it’s about optimizing operational costs, enhancing safety, and embracing smart technology to make real-time, impactful changes in driving behavior.

Advanced Analytics

Our solution uses real-time data to provide actionable insights, making your fleet smarter and more responsive.


Cut down on fuel consumption, which can account for up to 40% of your operational costs.

Safety Focus

Reduce accidents and fines through continuous monitoring and driver coaching.

Environmental Impact

Lower your CO2 emissions by up to 18%, contributing to a healthier planet.

Together we make a difference: 18% Reduction in CO2 Footprint through Environmentally-Friendly Practices.

Improves driver performance and behavior from day ONE:

Compliance with the speed limits

Reduced idling time

Judiciously using the brakes

Use caution in lane changes or stopover locations

Safer driving and also a reduction in wear and tear of the vehicles

Lower costs and better fleet management:

Reduce fuel consumption by 15% on average

Reduce the risk and cost of accidents and injuries

Reduce the cost of insurance

Increased driver productivity

Enhancing driver morale and retention

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