Transforming Specifications into Advanced Telematics Solutions. At CANGO, we catalyze ideas into programmable realities. We create customized telematics applications perfectly aligned to our customers’ specific demands.

Enjoy the Power of our telematics knowledge in custom applications with CANLIB and FMSinterface 4: Unleash the Insights that Drive Excellence.

What type of vehicles can we connect to use your custom application?

HGV from US and Europe – trucks


Construction equipments

Agriculture equipments

Mining equipments

Buses & Coaches

LCV, VAN, pickup trucks

Passenger cars




Transforming Specifications into Advanced Telematics Solutions

Quality is embedded in every line of code we write. Using cutting-edge technologies and rigorous development standards, we deliver durable and high-performing solutions.

CANGO is Your Partner from Vision to Implementation

We are not just your technology provider; we are your trusted partner. Together, we can materialize your vision into innovative telematics solutions.