Release date: 14.11.2023

Beyond Vision- The synergy of Video Telematics and CANbus data integration is reshaping fleet management

First, it was Fleet management. Then CANbus appeared to bring added value. Technology evolved and today we are talking about video telematics. What if we take it to the next level? In the dynamic landscape of fleet management, the convergence of video telematics and CANbus data integration has sparked a new era of operational efficiency, […]

First, it was Fleet management. Then CANbus appeared to bring added value. Technology evolved and today we are talking about video telematics. What if we take it to the next level? In the dynamic landscape of fleet management, the convergence of video telematics and CANbus data integration has sparked a new era of operational efficiency, safety enhancements, and comprehensive insights. This amalgamation of technologies goes beyond mere vision; it’s a holistic approach to reshaping the way fleet managers perceive, analyze, and optimize their operations. But is this even possible?

Understanding Video telematics and CANbus data

Video telematics systems have evolved into indispensable tools for fleet management. These systems encompass a range of technologies, including cameras, GPS, and software, offering real-time and recorded visual data. They aid in monitoring driver behavior, road incidents, and vehicle conditions, providing a clearer understanding of the on-road dynamics.

CANbus, the backbone of modern vehicle electronics, transmits real-time data from various sensors within the vehicle. This data includes critical information on engine performance, speed, fuel consumption, RPM, axle weight, TPMS, harsh braking, acceleration pedal position, seat belt information, statuses about the vehicle, and other operational parameters. Integrating CANbus data with telematics systems amplifies the depth of insights available to fleet managers.

The impact of this synergy is profound, particularly in enhancing safety measures and operational efficiency. By identifying risky driving behaviors through video analysis and correlating them with CANbus data, managers can implement targeted training and strategies to improve driver safety. Optimizing vehicle performance using CANbus data also leads to enhanced fuel efficiency and maintenance planning.

Taking video telematics to the next level

Real-time video feeds offer insights into driver behavior by capturing actions such as harsh braking, acceleration, lane departures, or distracted driving incidents. This visual data is complemented by the CANbus, which provides corresponding data such as vehicle speed, engine RPM, and throttle position, aligning these behaviors with the vehicle’s operational state.

With this integration, fleet managers can not only detect risky behaviors but also understand the context behind these actions. For instance, a sudden brake might be linked to an unexpected road hazard or an overly aggressive driving pattern. The combination of video and CANbus data provides a more nuanced view, enabling managers to differentiate between justifiable maneuvers and genuinely unsafe driving practices.

The combination of real-time video and CANbus data enables predictive analysis. By identifying patterns and correlations between certain driver behaviors and subsequent vehicle outcomes, fleet managers can preemptively address potential issues, intervening before they escalate into incidents or accidents.

Understanding driver behaviors in conjunction with the vehicle’s operational data helps in optimizing vehicle performance and fuel efficiency. Identifying inefficient driving patterns and implementing corrective measures can result in significant cost savings for the fleet. The merging of video telematics and CANbus data truly reshapes how fleet managers perceive, analyze, and act on the information available, ultimately leading to safer, more efficient, and optimized fleet operations.

Is the market ready for such an approach? Who is offering this type of solution?

The market readiness for integrating video telematics with CANbus data appears to be on the rise, albeit with varying degrees of implementation across the industry. Several forward-thinking companies are actively offering solutions that merge these technologies, but with additional hardware, positioning themselves at the forefront of this innovative approach to fleet management.

One notable contributor to the shift to an all-in-one solution is CANGO Mobility, which has made significant strides by providing its CANbus library and expertise to diverse video telematics dashcam manufacturers and integrators. By offering access to their wealth of CANbus knowledge, CANGO Mobility empowers these industry players to harness the synergy between video telematics and CANbus data, demonstrating a clear commitment to advancing the capabilities of fleet management solutions. This collaboration signifies a pivotal step towards a more comprehensive and integrated approach in the market.

The advantage of leveraging CANGO Mobility’s expertise in the realm of CANbus data signals significantly elevates the capabilities of video telematics systems, especially when dealing with vehicles operating on proprietary protocols. Their status as renowned CANbus experts enables them to decode and interpret intricate data signals from various vehicle makes and models, including those utilizing non-standard or proprietary communication protocols.
This expertise empowers video telematics systems to access and interpret a broader range of vehicle data, ensuring a more comprehensive and accurate understanding of the vehicle’s performance and driver behavior.

In essence, CANGO Mobility’s deep knowledge and experience in reading diverse vehicle data signals extend the reach of video telematics systems. It enables these systems to transcend limitations posed by exclusive protocols, offering fleet managers a comprehensive view of vehicle operation and driver conduct, regardless of the vehicle’s make or unique data transmission standards. This advantage ensures that video telematics when infused with CANGO’s CANbus expertise, provides a universal approach to data collection and analysis.
Fleet managers benefit from a unified, cohesive data stream, allowing for in-depth insights into vehicle health, driver behavior, and operational performance across an entire fleet. This comprehensive understanding is invaluable for making informed decisions, implementing effective training strategies, improving safety measures, and optimizing overall fleet efficiency.


The combined power of video telematics and CANbus data integration has revolutionized fleet management, offering a comprehensive and nuanced understanding of operations. This symbiotic relationship marks a paradigm shift, ushering in a new era of safety, efficiency, and strategic decision-making.
As the industry continues to evolve, the role of innovative solutions like those offered by CANGO Mobility becomes increasingly vital. CANGO’s expertise in CANbus data and its synergy with advanced video telematics systems position it as a leader in this field, offering the tools and insights necessary for fleet managers to navigate this new era effectively. Embracing these technologies not only drives smarter fleet management but also paves the way for a more connected, efficient, and safer future in transportation and logistics. To discover how CANGO Mobility can transform your fleet operations with this cutting-edge approach, contact us and explore the world of possibilities that we offer.

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