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We’ve seen how the telematics market has evolved over the last 20 years. Not only have we seen it, but we've actively been a part of it. Always eager to discover more, always wishing to give more for our customers and partners. With the ever-evolving markets, ranging from telco and telematics to providers and integrators, rapidly bringing your product to market while providing a cost-effective, efficient, and competitive solution is an extremely complex task – especially in the context of the ever-increasing demands of expected end-user benefits.
To overcome these challenges and enable rapid development of your Vehicle-to-X application, CANGO offers a hardware agnostic and software platform independent middleware called the CAN Library.
CANbus Library - vehicle data gathering

CAN Library brings added value into our partners’ services, helping them deliver faster and better to their users!

With CANbus Library you can:

  • seamlessly gather data from all vehicle data networks
  • analyze the driver’s behavior
  • enable a high degree of control over the vehicle
  • Easy to integrate:

  • written in C language in a highly efficient manner in terms of speed and memory size
  • can be integrated in most applications and run even on highly constrained embedded systems found in vehicles ECU’s
  • hardware and software platform agnostic
  • What’s in it for you:

  • Built-in database with automatic synchronization
  • A wide range of analytics and services
  • Modular and scalable solution
  • 100% non-intrusive technology!

    can library

    Interact with over 3000 library supported vehicles in real-time, to gather data or issue vehicle commands!

    CAN Library helps you with several add-on technologies:

  • Licensing mechanism managed by yourself
  • Provisioning mechanism
  • Update process for changing the vehicle type
  • Who is it for?

    Hardware manufacturers

    Do you want to bring value to your hardware by adding vehicle reading knowledge?

    Telematics Service Providers

    Do you want to fill the gap in vehicle data gathering or develop specific applications like car sharing?

    Fleet Owners

    Do you have your own fleet and are struggling to keep up with your competition?


    What clients say

    Why CANGO?

    With more than 20 years of expertise in measurement and signal vehicle processing, CANGO can be your number one technology partner for Vehicle-to-X solutions. CANGO’s products portfolio makes for a complete, competitive offer of solutions validated by successful implementations on the worldwide market for telco, telematics suppliers, providers, and integrators.

    Starting with vehicle data gathering/ingestion and ending with high-end solutions such as predictive maintenance and autonomous driving, CANGO provides innovative and integrated tailor-fit solutions for various industries like logistics, transportation, construction, oil & gas, mining, agriculture or smart mobility and public transportation.

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    CANbus Library

    Interact with over 3000 library supported vehicles in real-time, to gather data or issue vehicle commands!