CANGO – The ‘EV 20 Innovative Telematics Solution Providers 2020’

We are proud to be part of the visionaries who brought telematics to a whole new level in the “EV 20 innovative Telematics Solution Providers 2020”, an annual list of 20 companies providing innovative Telematics solutions. According to Enterprise Viewpoint, Telematics is helping a wide range of sectors in renovating their structure, and all these organizations are still motivated to disrupt the current market trends.

We all know that technology dominates almost all sectors of our lives, professionally or personally. We always have to be prepared for the future, with innovation and hard work. At CANGO, we strive to optimize the telematics potential, with a brand-new point a view – telematics as a pure service. And we think we are all prepared for this massive transition. We will continue to invest in research programs that could make our solutions better, and our customers pleased. That what’s keeping us on the loop; read the whole article here.

“Every day we get better and every day we prove that when we have something in mind, we can do it.”

Bianca Barbu, CMO, CANGO


CANGO has 10 years of experience in CANbus area and so far developed many application for open platform hardware telematics units which are used in different projects related to mobility. Soon we will talk about city as a service, car as a service, vehicle as a market place and each of it will be customized with different apps that the final user will be able to add on the same platform. The key is to be open-platform hardware. Once the car manufacturers will become open everything will be easier, for each participant of the transportation industry or at the traffic.

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