Case study – Car Sharing


Delightning customer experience with seamless car-sharing services

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Customized mobility solution  

Geographical Coverage


The Client

CityLink is a mobility start-up based in Eastern Europe – Bucharest, Romania. With a 250 hybrid car fleet, CityLink provides transport-sharing services to achieve efficient and economical transport for urban travelers. Whether you want to get around quickly or need transportation for a whole day, the Citylink fleet of cars is the ideal solution.


The main focus of our client was to provide a seamless experience for its customers and to do that, some key issues were mandatory:
  • Implementation of an advanced mechanism which would centralize information about the vehicle status (such as battery and fuel levels)
  • Digital control over essential commands, from door locks to engine ignition

Key points

  Full transparency and control over the fleet of cars
√ Leveling system barriers and differences in-car equipment

√ Easy integration into the final product

“CityLink has launched in 2020 the largest car-sharing solution in Romania. We have chosen CANGO as a partner as we have liked their solution, a flexible and customizable one. Their business attitude allowed us to launch the project on time with a stable and fully working solution. Citylink plans to expand regionally with more types of cars and we have already started together with CANGO to work on the internationalization of the platform.”
Dan Boabes
BDO at Citylink

Cango Solutions


  Centralized and customized solution for streaming all essential and real-time vehicle information like lights’ status, shifter position, unauthorized entrances, but not limited to that
√ Flexible and responsive hardware solution effectively integrated into our customer platform

√ Ongoing support and assistance before and after integration

  • We have installed CANGO devices on the entire fleet owned by our customer
  • Our devices are operating and communicating smoothly with their systems, assuring that the fleet is functioning at optimal parameters
  • By gathering all relevant data, our customer is capable of knowing when and what intervention is needed for the car-riding to be safe
The car-sharing solution we have developed in partnership with CANGO is extremely versatile and can be very easily deployed in other markets! The project was a success and we are still in close collaboration with CANGO to develop further solutions that would help monitor driver behavior – and not only. With their help, we can advance the world of transport.
Dan Boabes
BDO at CityLink

CANbus Library

Interact with over 3000 library supported vehicles in real-time, to gather data or issue vehicle commands!