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Improving drive behavior and reducing fuel consumption with real-time monitorings and reports

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GPS Tracking




CANGO FMS Interface  CANGO Click  

Geographical Coverage

Middle East

The Client

Our Client is an experienced GPS tracking provider located in the Middle East. Their primary focus is on helping fleets achieve increased efficiency, reduced theft, and declining operational costs. More than that, they are dedicated to using the latest technologies and introducing exciting new features periodically.

After several testing and searches that our Client made on the market, we’ve started the collaboration, providing them with our FMS Interface and Cango Click. They made this choice as our solutions have excellent accuracy and support most of the vehicle’s CAN protocol.


Key points

  • Heavy trucks require a lot of fuel, which means that the consumption of fuel is one of the primary indicators that need to be carefully followed by the fleet manager. 
  • The client’s company noticed that the fuel consumption was way beyond the set limits at the end of the month.
  • The client had several different truck parks for which their tracking device was not compatible with the CAN protocol, so they could not extract the CAN data automatically.
  • To identify the licking, first, they try to keep manual evidence on the daily consumption of fuel and the distance traveled by each truck. .
  • The numbers analyzed showed fleet managers that the drivers were stealing fuel every day. They decided to track fuel Filling/Theft/Consumption every day and get automatic fuel theft notifications. .

 Finding a 3rd party interface which can communicate with vehicle CAN data
√ Daily capturing and managing Fuel Level and Fuel Consumption
√ Easy integration into the final product

CANGO support team was always active whenever we were facing problems while installing, capturing CAN data and finding correct CAN wires in the vehicle. CANGO team has maintained proper records of vehicle lists and available CAN parameters with appropriate installation documents. More than that, Mr. Luis' support in guiding us remotely through the entire process was incredible.

CANGO Solutions


CANGO FMS Interface – one solution for the entire fleet, with high accuracy in reading all CAN data. The main benefit that helped our client is that the interface processes the data inside using state of the art algorithms and calculates better than the vehicle manufacturer interface..

√ CANGO Click – Besides eliminating the issues regarding the vehicle’s guarantee and material liability in the case of a wrong connection, CANGO Click erases the possibility of faulty connection to the CANbus by incorrectly identifying it.

Support all along the way – helping our customer figure out all the inconsistency from the data and supporting all the installation process remotely


By leveraging all data with CANGO FMS Interface and CANGO Click  our client managed to get proper CAN data, eliminating the  tremendous pressure from clients for providing the proposed solution.


What brought this for our client? 


  • Proper maintaining vehicle records for Fuel theft/Filling and Fuel Consumption reports. 
  • Increased efficiency for fleets, fuel theft reduction, declining operational costs.
  • By holding drivers accountable for fuel waste, our client is able to reduce these excesses and save money.
  • Real-time tracking is only one part of vehicle tracking as historical data is crucial to providing advanced reporting for overall fleet improvement..
  • Manage driver behavior with added insight into vehicle idling and fuel reports
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