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Real-time visibility and control to improve security and optimization inside the mining process

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Santiago, Chile


Real-time monitoring platform for underground mining vehicles

Geographical Coverage

South America

Mining TAG is a Chilean company founded in 2010, developing and implementing monitoring solutions for the mining industry. The main focus of the company is increasing safety and productivity in underground mines through automation and optimization. Most of the projects developed by Mining TAG are based on production monitoring systems, staff control, and localization in underground mines, systems based on RTLS technology among others.

Cango started the collaboration with Mining TAG  with a pilot project that took one month to implement on two underground mining vehicle models. During this time, all of CANGO’s efforts were focused on obtaining vehicle data from the mining fleet so that Mining TAG manages to help its customers in optimizing operational costs. 


Key points

  • The client had a product to measure the production yield in real-time but he wanted to obtain vehicle data from the mining fleet to reach operational goals
  • They wanted to support one of the main needs of their customers, namely the one related to a unique visualization and monitoring platform for underground mining vehicles, no matter the model or brand of the vehicles they are using.
  • Our client already tried other solutions, but the main obstacle was that none of these solutions were adapted to support different protocols, so the raw data from CANBUS were not captured.

Managing everyday operations within the site

√ Capturing both processed data and raw data

√ Easy integration into the final product

We are so glad about Mining TAG and Cango partnership! CANGO brings us the possibility to integrate more data to our Mining fleet management platform. In this way, our customers can make better decisions about the yield of their fleets taking care of the vehicle's maintenance. CANGO FMS Interface is compact, simple, and an excellent Interface. But more than that CANGO support has allowed us to integrate their hardware in our systems, including new vehicle models. This led to finding more customers and also expanding our contracts.
Francisco Cantillana Osorio
Project and Innovation Engineer, Mining TAG S.A

CANGO Solutions



Modify one of our products to integrate CANBUS reader devices, and incorporate the data into the existing platform.


Providing good support to explore the possibilities to generate new firmware for the vehicles without support at the moment.

√ Employing our advanced contactless CANbus reader – CANGO Click- as a solution for safely connect to CANBUS

√ Using our knowledge center to provide quickly good documentation about how to use the product.


By leveraging all data from CANBUS devices, our client managed to improve its existing measuring product, by using vehicle data from the mining fleet for achieving the desired operational goals. More than that MiningTAG can provide now its customers a unique monitoring platform for underground mining vehicles. And they can sell the product for a wide variety of mining vehicles and deliver to their customers more information about how they are taking the company yield.

What brought this for the business development at MiningTAG?

  • New customers 
  • Expanding existing contracts with mining companies by adding new vehicles to the monitoring platform

What brought this for MiningTAG customers?

  • Informed maintenance decisions based on reliable, real-time data and comprehensive reports
  • Maximize the vehicle utility and minimize the maintenance costs
  • Increased safety for the workers and minimizing profit loss
  • Improved their loading efficiency
After the pilot project has ended, CANGO and MiningTAG decided to join forces and build a strong partnership. Together we are now implementing our solution in the entire customer float developing the new platform view depending on the customer needs.
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