Proprietary Data Challenges in the Telematics Market


A Hidden Potential: Revolutionizing Telematics Solutions with Proprietary Data

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The Client

Our client, a well-established Telematic Supplier Provider, operates on a global scale, catering to a wide range of customers across various industries. However, they encountered a substantial challenge when it came to accessing and extracting valuable data from vehicles. This obstacle arose from the presence of proprietary protocols, which imposed limitations on their ability to gather comprehensive insights. Understanding the immense untapped potential of this data, the client was keen to find a solution that would enable them to effectively leverage it for their telematics services. They recognized the importance of overcoming this obstacle to unlock valuable information and gain a competitive edge in the market.

The problem

The challenge

Gaining crucial insights into vehicle performance, maintenance, fuel consumption, and driver behavior.
Overcome limitations posed by proprietary protocols and unlock the untapped potential of valuable data.
  • The primary problem they encountered stemmed from the presence of proprietary protocols, which imposed stringent limitations on their ability to gather comprehensive insights. These protocols acted as barriers, preventing the client from accessing crucial information that was vital to understanding various aspects of vehicle performance, maintenance, fuel consumption, and driver behavior, among other key metrics. 
  • The absence of access and interpretation capabilities significantly hampered the client’s capacity to deliver comprehensive telematics services to their diverse range of customers. Realizing the untapped potential inherent in this proprietary data, the client was acutely aware of the need to find an innovative solution that would enable them to break through these limitations and effectively harness the true value of the data they possessed.
Inability to access proprietary data from vehicles
Limitations imposed by proprietary protocols
Lack of crucial information on vehicle performance
Inability to deliver comprehensive telematics services

Cango Technical Solutions


Leveraging our extensive expertise in telematics and proprietary vehicle protocols, we designed a custom solution that allowed seamless integration with the client’s existing infrastructure.
CANGO solution acted as a bridge, facilitating the smooth extraction of data from vehicles and enabling real-time transmission to the client’s central platform.
√  Our team offered dedicated support providing comprehensive technical assistance throughout the integration process
We had regular communication and ongoing support to maximize the potential of unlocked proprietary data
We went for the usage of CANGOclick for wirelessly connecting to vehicles without the need for cutting wires
Unlocking vehicle data for powerful telematics solutions, driving optimized fleet operations and cost savings!
  • By implementing CANGO’s innovative solution, the Telematic Supplier Provider achieved remarkable results in the Latam market.

  • With comprehensive insights into vehicle performance, maintenance needs, fuel efficiency, and driver behavior, the client’s telematics solutions became more robust and valuable. They could now provide their customers with actionable intelligence, enabling them to optimize fleet operations, improve driver safety, and reduce overall costs.

  • The client’s expanded capabilities and competitive advantage set them apart from their competitors and opened new avenues for growth and innovation
If you too are facing challenges in accessing proprietary vehicle data, CANGO Mobility is here to help you unlock the hidden potential and revolutionize your telematics solutions.

Contact us today to learn more about our advanced vehicle connectivity solutions and how we can assist you in leveraging proprietary data for your business success.

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