Driver behavior vs vehicle behavior! How changing the driver behavior in real time can increase savings and impact the environment

Driver behavior has a big impact in a fleet total cost, even in the most advanced vehicles with automated processes inside. Many studies have focused in modeling the driver behavior and trying to find a standard. In many case cases the driver behavior is easily confused with the vehicle behavior as the data are not analyzed in real time and are not corelated with other external factors or sensors.


Our experience in the telematics industry , which gathers more than 15 years, 4000 brands and models of vehicles, more than 1 million devices sold all over the world, customized security and mobility projects and one-to-one relations ship with our partners, proved that consistency of the data is the key for a successful telematics business. Many of our partners asked not only for the data, but also for some applications  that can make the change in what means an efficient fleet management solution. The main features and functionalities that a fleet manager wants to have in his platform are alerts and notifications about the components inside the vehicles, fuel level and safety data, details about the fleet efficiency and fuel management and the spotlight is on driver behavior.

 How changing the driver behavior in real time can increase savings and impact the environment

However, these active safety systems were designed based on an average of driver performance and rarely takes the individual driver’s characteristics into consideration. That is why, at CANGO we brought this concept even further and we have designed LUCAS-Driver Performance Assistant, which delivers a state-of-the-art scoring & coaching solution for your drivers, as it includes a comprehensive and fully settable Driver Behavior algorithm that includes 49 parameters calculated in real-time.

Lower costs and improve safety using the driver performance assistant

Fuel costs can make up 30 to 40 percent of a fleet’s cost per mile, according to the American Transportation Research Institute and most of the times this is the largest expense in a fleet budget.

Using an advanced driver behavior algorithm corelated with road and weather conditions and coaching the driver in real time by showing him how to be a better driver the costs of fuel face a reduction of 18% starting from day one of implementation.

Experience and knowledge combined with technology can identify in real time different type of behaviors and correct them in order to reduce idling habits, speeding behavior in order to increase anticipation and efficient braking.

Improving driver behavior by using the vehicle in an efficient way is translated also in a reduction of wear and tear of the vehicle. Aggressive driving causes more wear and tear on brakes and engines and in the most cases combined with speeding doesn’t make the driver reach the destination quicker.

All the parameters, data, information, reports can offer the real picture about the entire fleet and behavior for each individual as it corelates with the driver ID. These information have a great impact in increasing the driver productivity, as he can be trained accordingly and incentive, and decreasing the costs of insurance.

As the economic situation impacted the fleets at a higher level than before and the price of fuel faced a great raise in the past months, having efficient drivers will have an impact directly in the fuel costs for the fleet. In the same time as the vehicle is used in an efficient way the CO2 emission will decrease as the foot on the pedal is directly corelated with the safety and the impact to environment.


Act now! Implement the driver performance assistant into your fleet management solution. Did you know that you can do that without adding any additional hardware? Contact us here and we’ll show you how!



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