Eco-driving solution
More energy-efficient, safe, and environmentally-friendly driving
Road transport accounts for a considerable proportion of CO2 and pollutant emissions worldwide.
The driver is a significant factor that determines vehicle performance. Eco-driving is a relatively low-cost and immediate measure to reduce fuel consumption and emissions significantly. Fuel consumption is the highest expenditure for carriers and can account for up to 40% of operating costs for freight or passenger transportation companies.
Constant training and permanent monitoring of driver behavior will not only reduce fuel consumption but also reduces the CO2 footprint by 18%.
Eco-driving solution

Improve fleet safety with an eco-driving solution:

The significant eco-driving factors that can bring several benefits for your fleet:

Improve fleet safety with an eco-driving solution:

LUCAS will help you achieve good and efficient driving with fuel consumption monitoring!

LUCAS is a Driver Performance Assistant application developed for your Android telematics devices. It runs based on CANGO CANbus Services and delivers a state of the art scoring & coaching solution for your drivers. Our experience and expertise in the telematics field are connected with CANGO CANbus Service, which performs a comprehensive and fully settable Driver Behavior algorithm that includes 49 parameters calculated in real-time. Whether your fleet is large or small, safety needs to be priority number one to ensure your business’s growth and longevity.

LUCAS acts like a personal assistant and improves vehicle safety, helping you achieve a better, safer, cleaner, and more economical way of operating vehicle fleet from day ONE! Driving or not, your performance assistant will collect all data and give you the insights you need to improve your fleet management!


With more than 20 years of expertise in measurement and signal vehicle processing, CANGO can be your number one technology partner for Vehicle-to-X solutions. CANGO’s products portfolio makes for a complete, competitive offer of solutions validated by successful implementations on the worldwide market for telco, telematics suppliers, providers, and integrators.

Starting with vehicle data gathering/ingestion and ending with high-end solutions such as predictive maintenance and autonomous driving, CANGO provides innovative and integrated tailor-fit solutions for various industries like logistics, transportation, construction, oil & gas, mining, agriculture or smart mobility and public transportation.

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