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Technology is part of our lives for decades, and in the last years, we are actors of so many changes that are taking place around us. Sensors, Wi-Fi, connectivity, smartphones, and applications surround us, and we use them every day. For municipalities, the rise of “smart city” infrastructure has been a significant influence in adopting fleet, transportation, energy, and other technologies across their operations.
Changing the focus from TCO to value growth enables, at the same time, many other adjacents or complementary opportunities like smart mobility projects, smart city solutions based on car-sharing and ride-sharing vehicles, smart public transportation. In a world full of sensors and connectivity, being open and prepared for new challenges is the key to success in the telematics business.
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CANGO provides municipalities with real-time information on the vehicle's conditions and related to how the driver is using the vehicles. CANGO technology offers end-to-end shared mobility, fleet management, and insurance telematics technologies and solutions for cars and ride-sharing operators, corporate fleets, and peer-to-peer shared mobility communities.
The solutions developed by CANGO in smart mobility give the government’s the ability to control fleets and also reduce emissions.


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With more than 12 years of expertise in measurement and signal processing, CANGO can be your number one partner for fleet management solutions.

CANGO’s product portfolio makes for a complete, competitive offer of solutions validated by successful implementations both on the internal and international market. CANGO provides innovative and integrated solutions for various industries like logistics, transportation, construction, or agriculture, smart mobility and public transportation offering high-performance implementation of CANbus protocols like J1939 and data networks based on J1708, ISObus, and K-line.

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CANbus Library

Interact with over 3000 library supported vehicles in real-time, to gather data or issue vehicle commands!