How CANbus Data Can Shape the Insurance Telematics Industry


Why Insurance Telematics is important?

Not only is Insurance Telematics important, but it is also necessary in order to have a clear view of the market in the first place. Telematics gathers all data from the vehicle and related to the driver and offers the possibility to send them in real-time to the fleet manager, company owner, leasing company or car rental company, or even to the underwriting department inside an insurance company. In this way, the premium calculation and underwriting process are redefined and refined at the same time based not only on the data but also on different patterns that can be observed or on different KPIs that can be set. Telematics is helping the carriers to verify and validate the data provided — everything from accurate vehicle identification number reporting to traffic violations. Information is valuable. Data is valuable but more than that, how the data are used is even more important.

CANbus data in Insurance Telematics- first layer for a comprehensive analysis

Nowadays, vehicles are built with a lot of sensors and information. Moreover, 3rd party technology is offering a lot of valuable data related to vehicles and drivers in real-time. In the near future, probably, we will talk about insurance telematics for autonomous driving and self-driving transportation.

CANbus, according to Wikipedia’s definition is a robust vehicle bus standard designed to allow microcontrollers and devices to communicate with each other’s applications without a host computer. Actually, the CANbus networks gather all the information from all the ECUs of a vehicle. In order to have a comprehensive report, to make analysis and to be able to predict a huge amount of accurate data is needed. Another aspect that is important is: How the data is interpreted and how it is used for future applications.

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