• Total vehicle distance
  • Total engine hours
  • Engine Temperature
  • PTO state
  • Acceleration pedal position
  • Engine Load
  • Instant fuel Consumption

The world population is currently increasing and it is expected that we will be around 9.8 billion people by 2050. This factor combined with the expansion in different areas make the agriculture one of the main aspects of our lives. That is why, even if it is a sector which doesn’t have so many catchy news it is one of the most important industries around the world.

Advanced agricultural production, drones and sensor, big data and telematics, mobile apps and real-time actions are gaining more and more importance in supervising and analyzing in real time the fields, crops and soil conditions.

Capturing the data from the farm equipment and transferring in real-time helps you to create the full image related to your fleet of equipment in the field. CANGO solution for agriculture will make it possible for agricultural consultants or owners of the equipment to troubleshoot problems remotely and offer guidance to resolve technical issues without interrupting fieldwork or making trips to the field.

Fleets that operate in mining and construction sites are facing everyday challenges that sometimes are not even previsioned.

CANGO solutions can help manage your everyday operations to keep everything running smoothly within your site. In a construction or a mining site there are a lot of equipment that need to be managed and monitored in order to maximize the vehicle utility and minimize the maintenance costs.

CANGO provides tailored and scalable solutions for your fleet operating in harsh environment with a small box that fits inside each type of equipment. The key benefits and the advantages can be recognized from the first day of installation and the main benefit for the owner is related to a smoother operating system with increased safety for the workers and minimizing profit loss with maintenance and costs related to accidents or unplanned situations.

  • Total Fuel Consumption
  • Total Engine Hours
  • PTO Status
  • Engine Load
  • Engine temperature
  • Foot Brake
  • Acceleration pedal position
  • Axle Weight
  • Reduce fuel consumption
  • Increase driver behavior
  • Manage trailer data
  • Coach the driver in real time
  • Tachograph life data
  • Axle weigh
  • Cruise Control
  • Clutch Switch

Fleet management is such a wide sector with a lot of verticals and industries. Transport and Logistics is the well-known branch of fleet management and in many situations is associated with the telematics concept even from the beginning.

CANGO, as an expert in CANbus, started with the solution for the vehicles involved in the long haulage transportation. The main benefit that CANGO solution for transportation and logistics offers is that using it you can lower with up to 20% the operational costs by reducing fuel consumption and increasing the driver behavior.

CANGO solution in the transport and logistics market assist you to improve the operational performance, optimize efficiency, and reduce running cost with state-of-the-art algorithms that calculates parameters and data in real time. We designed this solution having in mind lifetime quality and management over the air for each unit.

Technology is part of our lives for decades and in the last years we are actors of so many changes that are taking place around us. Sensors, Wi-Fi, connectivity, smartphones, and applications surround us and we use them every day.

For municipalities, the rise of “smart city” infrastructure has been a significant influence in the adoption of fleet, transportation, energy, and other technologies across their operations.

Changing the focus from TCO to value growth enables in the same time many other adjacent or complementary opportunities like smart mobility projects, smart cities solutions based on car sharing and ride sharing vehicles, smart public transportation. In a world full of sensors and connectivity, being open and prepared for the new challenges is the key to success in telematics business.

  • Total Fuel Consumption
  • Total Engine Hours
  • PTO Status
  • Engine Load
  • Engine temperature
  • Foot Brake
  • Acceleration pedal position
  • Axle Weight
  • MIL and DTC codes
  • Predictive Diagnosis
  • Insurance Telematics
  • Vehicle errors and trip reports
  • Remote Immobilization
  • Over the air reading of Diagnosis Trouble Codes
  • Customization and Tailor Made Solution
  • Maximize profits

Better service and more efficient operations help customers to save costs and minimize the business risks. Leasing and rental sector is an important part of daily transportation around the world. It is nice to know where your cars are in a specific moment but is more important to know also what is happening with your vehicles in real time.

CANGO solution for leasing and rental enables the rental company or the leasing operator to manage better and maximize the profits by knowing from distance the MIL codes and the way the driver manipulates the vehicle. Having a clear view about the vehicle data, mileage and how the vehicles are being operated, makes the rental and leasing operations to boost their performance, maximize profits and minimize the risks.

  • Monitoring driving habits
  • Real-time coaching
  • Handle claims more efficiently
  • Reduce accidents risks
  • Increase safety
  • Driver profile
  • Rewards and Incentive programs

From PAYD (pay as you drive) to UBI (Usage Based Insurance) CANGO solution and technology is the key for insurance telematics. The UBI insurance market is believed to be the norm in the future when the connected car technology becomes popular.

The Insurance Telematics solutions that CANGO propose is meant to improve risk assessment by monitoring the driver behavior and habit. Engaging the customers effectively will have an effect of claim costs reduction.

CANbus Library

Interact with over 3000 library supported vehicles in real-time, to gather data or issue vehicle commands!