Managers have to streamline operations no matter how large their fleet is. Innovative marine fleet management solutions are needed to manage a modern fleet efficiently, whether this means a few or hundreds of vessels. A marine management solution will take into consideration both capturing and migrating the data from different sources.

CANGO solutions can help you improve routing and streamline your processes through automation and optimization. Our Marine Fleet Solutions allows managers to optimize operations and prevent high-cost issues, and it can be integrated both for existing boats and new ones.

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With more than 20 years of expertise in measurement and signal vehicle processing, CANGO can be your number one technology partner for Vehicle-to-X solutions. CANGO’s products portfolio makes for a complete, competitive offer of solutions validated by successful implementations on the worldwide market for telco, telematics suppliers, providers, and integrators.

Starting with vehicle data gathering/ingestion and ending with high-end solutions such as predictive maintenance and autonomous driving, CANGO provides innovative and integrated tailor-fit solutions for various industries like logistics, transportation, construction, oil & gas, mining, agriculture or smart mobility and public transportation.

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