Monetizing Telematics Data

Monetizing Telematics Data became a subject with a lot of interest since the technology evolved and the internet, mobility, smart-devices and cloud-based data management expanded.

CANGO was proud to participate at the 7th edition of Telematics Conference because through its activity is part of this global trend. Before passing to monetizing data, one of the most important aspects is gathering the data and the way you do it. Accuracy is our main purpose and we always worked how the data are get and furthermore how they are used.

That is why CANGO has decided to move forward and is planning to launch a new product which will meet the industry challenges and for sure will help the users, fleet managers, TSPs and business owners to turn data into money.

Besides the great and interactive session we took part at, CANGO had the honor to be the lunch break sponsor. As it said that good things are having a way of coming together we want to think that CANGO offered a new start for great projects at this Telematics Conference Edition in Bratislava.

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