Flexibility in supporting our partner’s needs!

What OEM services does CANGO offer?

An OEM supplier’s objective should be to integrate with its customer’s products and services seamlessly. Here at CANGO, we understand the need for freedom of choice and flexibility that this entails.

CANGO is flexible enough to support all your OEM needs. Whether you choose to base your solution on an existing CANGO hardware design, ask us to customize one of our products to meet your particular requirements or commission us to develop CAN hardware for you from the ground up. Both our hardware and software can be re-branded and redesigned.

We can handle a project from end to end, or we can work with your in-house team to develop a complete hardware and software solution for you

How does CANGO work with OEM clients?

Each OEM project is different, and you’ll find that CANGO offers a personal and tailor-made service. Tasks are assigned to a dedicated project manager for you. How does CANGO work with OEM clients? Who will work closely with you to meet your specification, your time-to-market schedule, and your budget?

If you have commissioned a proprietary tool, we will make the modifications and then freeze the drivers and firmware. You will have full control of the product as it stands, in the knowledge that you have a reliable partner on hand should any future modifications or assistance be needed. Whether a product has been created for an OEM client or for CANGO itself, we take pride in our ability to provide product supervision throughout its lifecycle.

Why choose CANGO?

Reduced development time and cost

We understand time to market pressures and the importance of cost control. Our skilled hardware and software team will save you development effort, time, and cost by responding quickly to your requirements and developing optimized solutions to suit your schedule and budget.

Quality & reliability

CANGO has built a strong reputation. To our customers, we are renowned for quality and reliability in CAN. With CANGO ‘inside’, your brand image is in safe hands. 

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CANbus Library

Interact with over 3000 library supported vehicles in real-time, to gather data or issue vehicle commands!