Release date: 08.02.2022

Happy to announce a new solution in our portfolio: Remote vehicle immobilization solution for door-to-door delivery vans and not only!

CANGO MOBILITY is proud to announce that we have developed a new solution that can overcome a great challenge for the Transportation sector, reducing or even eliminating the thefts of last-mile VAN’s, but not limited to that!

Together with our partner in the UK, we have already implemented the solution for one of the largest courier companies in the world!

“The door-to-door delivery is one of the sectors that experiments fast-moving development changes. The safety of the parcels, the driver behavior and the overall security of any transportation is on top of the list for fleet managers — all while trying to cut costs. With this in mind we’ve looked closer into the problem and developed an unique solution, based on explicit criteria that can give fleet managers also the option to re-mobilize the vehicle remotely.”



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