Public Transportation
Building a better environment with a smart city approach

Over the past decade, the new mobility services changed the urban mobility landscape, offering a broader range of individual mobility solutions. Collaboration between shared mobility services, transport authorities, and cities can foster existing complementarity with public transport, thus reducing traffic congestion while improving car use efficiency. 

Because of ITS’s emerge (Intelligent Transportation System) and smart cities initiatives, the commercial telematics solutions are implemented in public transportation markets. Even if we talk about in-city transportations or commute between cities, the telematics solution is the critical element of time efficiency and safety and a greener environment.

Public transportation and fleet management:
How can public transport benefit from smart solutions:

Real-time alerts of driving incidents and driver behavior

Automated and prescribed schedule and route

Predictive maintenance for reducing unplanned eventsrescribed schedule and route

CANGO solution for public transportation offers a lot of advantages and benefits for the PTO, PTA and at the same time contributes to building a better environment through a smart city approach.

CANGO is an associated member of ITxPT and has a strong knowledge of vehicle to IP implementation and data related to driver scoring and predictive maintenance applications. CANGO technology is suitable for various public transportation participants, from municipality authority and PTO or PTA to Traffic Management and Transport& Drivers Management companies.

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We have proven our expertise


With more than 12 years of expertise in measurement and signal processing, CANGO can be your number one partner for fleet management solutions.

CANGO’s product portfolio makes for a complete, competitive offer of solutions validated by successful implementations both on the internal and international market. CANGO provides innovative and integrated solutions for various industries like logistics, transportation, construction, or agriculture, smart mobility and public transportation offering high-performance implementation of CANbus protocols like J1939 and data networks based on J1708, ISObus, and K-line.

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