CANfigurator 1.3

State-of-the-art Software Solution that gives you the entrance pass in CAN reverse engineering.


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Break Barriers and Discover Hidden Insights: With CANfigurator, you will uncover the secrets of CAN bus communications and gain unprecedented access to invaluable insights. Empower yourself with comprehensive knowledge of your telematics devices and extract valuable information that fuels innovation.

Unlock CANfigurator’s Magic

– how it works

CANfigurator is included in two type of development kit for our products: FMSinterface and CANLIB. These are the tool for fast adoption of our technologies in your ecosystem.

Powerful Functionalities at Your Fingertips: Explore the Available Features

Capturing CANbus log from any type of vehicles

Simulating any vehicles supported by CANGO knowledge platform by paling a CANbus log

Autobaud: including CANbus autobaud for capturing vehicle data

Update: load new firmware on FMS interface

Configure: Setting up the FMS interface’s functionalities

Check: check the device and vehicle parameter data

FMSi devkit

Release date:12.08.2024

Elevate Your Fleet: Uncover the Power of the CANGO FMS Interface


CANLIB devkit

Release date:12.08.2024

Unlocking knowledge at the most affordable rate