Most Advanced Telematics Integration Worldwide: The Cutting-Edge CANbus non-tapping reading device, compatible with all telematics devices


Unmatched Quality with Lifetime Warranty

Experience the Revolution with CANGOclick, the Non-Intrusive Tapping Device for Comprehensive Vehicle Data Collection. By eliminating wire-to-wire connections, our solution enhances system security, ensuring no invasive signals reach the vehicle CANbus. Enjoy peace of mind with eliminated liability concerns, warranty issues, and the risk of incorrect connections.

The smartest tapping device in the market:

A cable that fits all vehicles/equipment

100% data recovery for CAN 2.0 a/b, CAN FD

100% non-invasive patented technology

Free of welded, cut, or assembled cables

Easy and quick installation – fits to very tight wire looms vehicles installation

Lifetime warranty

CANGOclick: Bridging the Gap

Solving Shortcomings with Innovative Solutions

Navigating the challenges of connecting CANbus vehicles can be daunting for manufacturers, especially with the complexities of wire-to-wire connections. Compounding the issue, an increasing number of vehicle manufacturers intentionally interchange the colors of the two CAN wires. Using the traditional method to identify the CANbus often leads to unsuccessful connections.

What can CANGOclick do for you?

Reads the vehicle’s signals without wire-to-wire connection

It is further capable of detecting CAN High and CAN Low automatically.

Eliminates the issues regarding the vehicle’s guarantee and material liability in the case of a wrong connection

Erases the possibility of faulty connection to the CANbus by incorrectly identifying it.

We have already created strong partnerships with customers from the market’s big five, focusing on integrating the innovative CANGOclick device.

Experience Seamless CANbus Connectivity with CANGOclick Today & Enhance Your Telematics Solutions!