CANGO new approach  presented in Dubai Conference

The subject of the 5th edition of the Telematics Conference that took place in Dubai at the end of March 2019 referred to Advanced Telematics in Fleet Management.

CANGO had a presentation slot in which developed the idea related to advanced telematics solution. As an important player in the industry and the recipient of the Frost and Sullivan Award in CANbus solution, CANGO involved the participants at the conference in order to define together some characteristics of what an Advanced Telematics solution is or should be.

Collaboration, Innovation, capacity of adding new features and functionalities, openness level, easy to implement solution were just few of the main ideas developed during the conference.

“We took this opportunity and announced one of our new products, or better said, we announced the shift that our company is making in this moment.  All the functionalities that we offered until now inside our hardware are ready to be offered as applications on third party open platform telematics units. In this way we want and we are able to license our knowledge in any telematics devices and it is not only CANbus libraries but also we build applications like Driver Performance Assistance, MIL&DTC codes, Tacho, FMS2IP, car sharing or any other application that a partner can imagine”. (Bianca Barbu, CMO)

Related to the idea presented and the shift of the company into applications area and CANbus services, CANGO announced also the partnership with one of the biggest players on the market, TomTom. The company choose to partnership with CANGO for the CAnbus services and application based on them for TomTom Bridge Hub.

CANbus Services for Android is a Cango component that runs in the background of a third party telematics device without any user interaction or interface, except the one for configuring it. Service runs with a higher priority than inactive or invisible activities and therefore it is less likely that the Android system terminates them for resource management. For more details write at [email protected].