The Next Generation of Telematics Technology presented in Prague

The 9th edition of the Telematics Conference for Central and Eastern Europe took place in the beautiful city of Prague, on the 26th of September.

The general topic of the conference was related to the next generation of Telematics Technology and CANGO took this opportunity to present the latest concept called “telematics as a service”.

Technology advances, demographic needs are changing, mobility industry is pushing telematics to come up with new solutions, and the providers are trying to keep up the step with the innovation trends. Soon we will talk about vehicle as a service, car as a service, or vehicle as a marketplace.

Changing the focus from TCO to value growth enables in the same time many other adjacent or complementary opportunities like smart mobility projects, smart cities solutions based on car sharing and ride sharing vehicles, smart public transportation. In a world full of sensors and connectivity, being open and prepared for the new challenges is the key to success in telematics business.

During the Conference Event Bianca Barbu, CMO of CANGO, moderated one of the panel discussion, the main topic discussed was “telematics as a service”, and how the applications will change the perspective of the future telematics technologies.

In the panel discussion were involved representatives of different areas of the Telematics world with different focuses related to the future of Telematics Industry. As a conclusion of the panel, the main idea remained the one that without telematics there is no solid based for future development. The trend is to move to open hardware platform so no matter what the industry or the profile of the user is to be able to benefit of the latest developments in the near future and combine them with other complementary features.

CANGO is moving forward with the concept and soon will present the role of Telematics in Self Driving Transportation.

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