The Power of Telematics

On September 27, in Warsaw, Poland took place the eighth edition of the Telematics Conference for Central and Eastern Europe.

The main topic of the conference was “Telematics Industry Collaborations” and CANGO participated actively by being part of the panel in which were discussed the trends and ideas about leveraging the power of telematics.

One important stage in telematics industry is education. In most of the case, due to economic situation, people started looking for cheap solution losing their focus from quality. In most of the cases, the experience proves that a cheap solution will be in the end more expensive, even if we talk about telematics, electronic consumer goods or other products. That is why education is very important so companies will look for value added.

Telematics industry plays a crucial role when it comes to smart cities, for example. Without the information related to vehicles and drivers, the smart city strategy cannot be developed properly. If in the past years we were talking about connected vehicles and then IoT, nowadays the concepts are even more developed and it is very important how this information are correlated with the environment. In addition, AI is another aspect that should be taken into consideration so the whole ecosystem is part of this process that is continuously evolving.

CANGO also was present with a booth where the attendees had the chance to see the latest development of the company and discuss the future project opportunities and possible partnership. Two new products were presented including the future telematics platform as a service that the company will launch it soon.

“We know that the big data make the world go round and we want to value these information is algorithms which will bring value and results to any user in the market. Our goal is build a new platform and open it for our partners. In this way we will help the customers educate and choose exactly what they will need from the same place without switching from a platform to another and in the same time we will help the telematics supplier providers to increase their revenues.”

Bianca Barbu, CMO

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