Use case

  • PTO state
  • Axle weight
  • Tacho data
  • Driver ID
  • Clutch switch
  • Gear data
  • Driver behavior
  • Engine load

Cango solution for trucks is the most comprehensive and developed solution on the market using state-of-art-algorithms for gathering and translating the trucks language in a standardized format for you your fleet management system.

The Frost and Sullivan study from 2018 revealed the fact that CANGO solution brings twice the value for its price and helps you reach your targets and save money from the first day of installation.

The data available via the databus include the fuel consumed, the time of operation and the distance travelled, etc. This data can naturally be used to calculate the fuel consumed, instant and average fuel consumption, instant and average speed and the distance travelled.
Depending on the features of the auxiliary FMS interface, this data can be processed in various other ways and communicated to an office-based follow-up, monitoring or maintenance system.

Cango solution is suitable for any type of buses and coaches: city buses, electric buses, intercity buses and coaches and offers even more data than the standard FMS of the manufacturer using state-of-art-algorithms.

The solution can be used in projects related to traffic management, predictive maintenance, driving hours, passenger counting, fuel consumption saving and also projects focused on developing a batter and safer environment by reducing the CO2 emission, saving more fuel and increase the safety in traffic.

CANGO is associated member of ITxPT and has a strong knowledge when it comes of vehicle to IP implementation and data related to driver scoring and predictive maintenance applications. CANGO technology is suitable for various participants involved in public transportation industry, from municipality authority and PTO or PTA to Traffic Management and Transport& Drivers Management companies.

  • PTO state
  • Axle weight
  • Tacho data
  • Driver ID
  • Clutch switch
  • Gear data
  • Driver behavior
  • Engine load
  • Speeding Incidents
  • Harsh Braking
  • Reckless cornering
  • Aggressive acceleration
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Driving hours
  • Service errors
  • Safety items

Canbus data, driver performance, seat belt information, MIL and DTC codes, fuel management, safety parameters and many, many more. All of them can be obtained with the CANGO solution for commercial vehicles.

With a wide experience around Europe and other important areas of the globe, CANGO technologies developed a high end and comprehensive solution for all type of VANs’ and LCVs’.

Mileage and Diagnosis Trouble Codes can be analyzed to ensure vans are regularly serviced on time, or even outright replaced. Data can be used to identify drivers that are driving unsafely, flagging them for training.

Cango offers the most innovative solution for trailers. Using CANGO hardware the you will get important information about the trailer. The data set from the trailer is unified with the data set from the truck so with only one piece of hardware the truck & trailer data cat be retrieved without adding any additional sensor or hardware.

  • Payload temperature
  • Wheel based speed
  • Axle load
  • Vehicle retarder control
  • Tyre pressure
  • Brake Temperature
  • Vehicle pneumatic supply
  • Percentage of retarder
  • Working status
  • Driving time
  • Driver ID
  • Working hours
  • Speed
  • Events
  • Driver card details

With CANGO solution* you can get the live data from the digital tachograph and also you can remotely download** the tachograph data.

Even if it is live data, remote digital tacho download or ELD for the US market, CANGO has the solution for it.

*the solution varies depending on the country geographical are and regulations implemented.
**implementation process is needed

The power of any fleet manager stays in the knowledge related to the vehicles that he owns. CANGO offers the solution for small passenger cars developing algorithms that make your fleet more efficient and cost effective. Reduced fuel consumption, better maintenance of the vehicle, reduced insurance costs, life extension of the vehicle, maximized profit can be obtain having a comprehensive solution for the vehicles.

The application that can be built around passenger cars industry are very wide from simple fleet management solution for leasing or insurance company, which use the information related to safety and diagnose codes, to car sharing and ride hailing solution which need immobilization of the engine from distance, and door locking using the smartphone.

  • Foot brake
  • Cruise Control
  • Engine speed
  • Vehicle ID
  • Ambient temperature
  • Fuel level
  • Safety parameters
  • Diagnose codes
  • Operational hours
  • Remote diagnose
  • Usage report
  • Machines performance
  • Fuel management
  • Voltage tracking

Major innovation and development from CANGO is targeting any type of engine from the market.

CANGO solution is suitable for boats and yachts not only for vehicles on the roads.

The same solution can be used for generators or other type of engines.

Advanced agricultural production, drones and sensor, big data and telematics, mobile apps and real-time actions are gaining more and more importance in supervising and analyzing in real time the fields, crops and soil conditions.

Capturing the data from the farm equipment and transferring in real-time helps you to create the full image related to your fleet of equipment in the field. CANGO solution for agriculture will make it possible for agricultural consultants or owners of the equipment to troubleshoot problems remotely and offer guidance to resolve technical issues without interrupting fieldwork or making trips to the field.

  • Total vehicle distance
  • Total engine hours
  • Engine Temperature
  • PTO state
  • Acceleration pedal position
  • Engine Load
  • Instant fuel Consumption
  • Total Fuel Consumption
  • Total Engine Hours
  • PTO Status
  • Engine Load
  • Engine temperature
  • Foot Brake
  • Acceleration pedal position
  • Axle Weight

CANGO solutions can help manage your everyday operations to keep everything running smoothly within your site. In a construction or a mining site there are a lot of equipment that need to be managed and monitored in order to maximize the vehicle utility and minimize the maintenance costs.

CANGO provides tailored and scalable solutions for your fleet operating in harsh environment with a small box that fits inside each type of equipment. The key benefits and the advantages can be recognized from the first day of installation and the main benefit for the owner is related to a smoother operating system with increased safety for the workers and minimizing profit loss with maintenance and costs related to accidents or unplanned situations.

CANbus Library

Interact with over 3000 library supported vehicles in real-time, to gather data or issue vehicle commands!