Revolutionize fleet management by providing real-time, data-driven insights, enhancing vehicle performance, safety, and operational efficiency

Video telematics

Acknowledge the true power of your video-telematics device

Equipments Data

Unlock the full potential of your agricultural, mining, constructions equipment


Enhanced Security for Delivery Companies: Introducing a Cutting-Edge Anti-Theft Solution

Hybrid & EV Data

Tap into invaluable data insights to drive operational excellence

LUCAS – Real Time Driver Performance Assistant

Elevate Driver Performance with LUCAS: Real-Time Scoring and Coaching Redefined

Vehicle Diagnosis

Access rich, detailed data about your fleet’s performance and condition, guiding your operations towards efficiency

Fuell-Cell Vehicle Data

Equip yourself with critical insights, optimizing operations and decision-making processes

ECO Driving & CO2 Emissions Reduction

Harness Cutting-Edge Technology to Drive Efficiency, Safety, and Sustainability


Increase driving safety, reduce overall costs and accidents with the right TPMS information!

Vehicle Data

Harness the power of comprehensive insights from over 6,000 vehicles

Car Sharing

Embark on the future of transportation with CANLIB’s CAR SHARING application


Transforming Specifications into Advanced Telematics Solutions

Trailer Data

Utilize precious data insights to achieve superior operation efficiency