CANLIB is a Knowledge-as-a-Service unique middleware capable to provision and activate our knowledge inside your vehicle at a glance.


Empowering Your Vehicle with Unparalleled Knowledge-as-a-Service Middleware

Experience the Next Generation: Introducing CANLIB, the revolutionary middleware that unleashes the power of knowledge within your vehicle. As a world-renowned technology provider, we have developed CANLIB to seamlessly integrate with any telematics device, delivering unrivaled applications and services.


Unlocking knowledge at the most affordable rate

We’ve seen how the telematics market has evolved over the last 20 years. Not only have we seen it, but we’ve actively been a part of it. Always eager to discover more, always wishing to give more for our customers and partners. With the ever-evolving markets, ranging from telco and telematics to providers and integrators, rapidly bringing your product to market while providing a cost-effective, efficient, and competitive solution is an extremely complex task – especially in the context of the ever-increasing demands of expected end-user benefits.

To overcome these challenges and enable rapid development of your Vehicle-to-X application, CANGO offers a hardware&software agnostic solution, a middleware called the CANLIB.

By leveraging CANLIB’s software-based approach, you unlock a multitude of benefits that surpass traditional hardware solutions. The flexibility, cost-effectiveness, ease of deployment, customization options, remote management capabilities, and future-proof nature make CANLIB the ideal choice for empowering your telematics system with cutting-edge technology.

The software-based approach of CANLIB ensures a streamlined and cost-effective integration process, ultimately leading to a lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). By reducing upfront hardware expenditures, eliminating installation complexities, and mitigating the impact of shortages, CANLIB enables you to optimize your investments while still enjoying the cutting-edge capabilities and features required to stay ahead in the industry.

Choose CANLIB’s software solution, and you will benefit both from its functionality and ease of integration while also achieving cost savings and TCO optimization. The smart and strategic choice your telematics needs.


– how it works

On the vehicle side, CANLIB, the library, is written in C language in a highly efficient manner in terms of speed and memory size. It supports hard real-time constraints associated with the different vehicle CAN stacks and has an average size of approximately 20Kb, which includes both code and data. It runs locally. Moreover, the library is both hardware and software platform agnostic such that it can be deployed within almost any eco-system in a standard manner.







System Hooks Port


Client Hardware

The library runs locally on your vehicles, telematics device in the context of the application eco-system, presented in the Figure above, has three main components:

1. The Core

Represents the middleware engine that is responsible for the interaction with the vehicle networks to gather and interpret data and/or generate commands to the vehicle on behalf of the end-application.

2. The Interface

Binds the library Core to the underlying hardware and software system through a series of port hooks provided by the user only once at middleware initialization.

3. The API

Provides a comprehensive application interface that enables the user to programmatically interact with the vehicle and implement the end-application. For example, getting the instantaneous vehicle State-of-Charge is as easy as calling the API function cango_get_SOC(&timestamp, &SOC); This call will immediately populate the rpm and timestamp variables with data gathered, filtered, and verified by the Core from all the vehicle networks.

CANLIB also includes a backend with the CANGO vehicle knowledge platform that give you the power of self-management by activating, licensing, and changing applications using OTAP

Our backend platform provides a specific API achieving your one-stop administration point of your vehicles, telematics devices.

While working in conjunction, these three components together with backend knowledge platform provide the required functionality to interact with over 6,000 CANGO supported vehicles in real-time, to gather data or issue vehicle commands. Thus, paving the way for the rapid development of automotive applications.