Driver Performance Assistant

Elevate Driver Performance with LUCAS: Real-Time Scoring and Coaching Redefined


Boost driver performance and fleet efficiency from day ONE with our driver performance assistant applications, compatible with CANLIB or FMSi. We empower drivers to enhance their behavior and enable fleet managers to achieve safer, cleaner, and more economical operations for their vehicle fleet.


Gain an edge with our advanced anticipation metrics, measuring factors that reward cost-consciousness while alerting drivers to harsh braking and excessive idle time.


Minimize service brake wear by leveraging the full potential of available retarder systems, ensuring efficient and sustainable operation.


Optimize fuel efficiency through intelligent speed control. Monitor the utilization of Cruise Control, Cruisable time, and instances of harsh acceleration to maximize savings.


Embrace eco-friendly driving practices and reap the rewards. Our system recognizes and rewards good driving habits that promote fuel efficiency and sustainability.

Together we make a difference: 18% Reduction in CO2 Footprint through Environmentally-Friendly Practices.

Improves driver performance and behavior from day ONE:

Compliance with the speed limits

Reduced idling time

Judiciously using the brakes

Use caution in lane changes or stopover locations

Safer driving and also a reduction in wear and tear of the vehicles

Lower costs and better fleet management:

Reduce fuel consumption by 15% on average

Reduce the risk and cost of accidents and injuries.

Reduce the cost of insurance

Increased driver productivity.

Enhancing driver morale and retention

Here are the top 10 benefits of LUCAS’s real-time driver scoring and coaching for both drivers and fleet owners:

For Drivers:

Enhanced Safety:

LUCAS’s real-time driver scoring and coaching promotes safer driving habits, reducing the risk of accidents and improving overall driver safety.

Personalized Coaching:

Drivers receive personalized coaching based on their individual driving patterns and behaviors, helping them improve their skills, efficiency, and overall performance.

Skill Development:

LUCAS’s insights and coaching enable drivers to continuously develop their driving skills, leading to increased confidence, professionalism, and job satisfaction

Fuel Efficiency Improvement:

Real-time coaching on fuel-efficient driving techniques helps drivers optimize fuel consumption, reducing costs and environmental impact.

Reduced Vehicle Wear and Tear:

By promoting smoother driving techniques and providing feedback on aggressive maneuvers, LUCAS helps drivers minimize wear and tear on vehicles, leading to lower maintenance and repair expenses.

For Fleet Owners:

Increased Operational Efficiency:

LUCAS’s real-time driver scoring and coaching lead to enhanced operational efficiency, ensuring drivers adhere to company policies, optimize routes, and improve overall fleet performance.

Cost Reduction:

Improved driver behavior through LUCAS results in reduced fuel consumption, lower maintenance costs, and decreased insurance premiums, leading to significant cost savings for fleet owners.

Enhanced Risk Management:

By identifying risky driving behaviors in real-time, LUCAS allows fleet owners to proactively address safety concerns, mitigate risk, and maintain a positive reputation.

Improved Compliance:

LUCAS’s monitoring and coaching features help fleet owners ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and industry standards, reducing the risk of penalties or violations.

Increased Profitability:

With LUCAS’s real-time driver scoring and coaching, fleet owners can optimize operations, improve driver performance, reduce costs, and ultimately increase profitability.

By leveraging LUCAS’s real-time driver scoring and coaching, both drivers and fleet owners benefit from enhanced safety, personalized coaching, skill development, fuel efficiency improvement, reduced vehicle wear and tear, increased operational efficiency, cost reduction, enhanced risk management, improved compliance, and increased profitability.

Personalized Coaching for Unparalleled Insights, Unmatched Safety:

Drive excellence with LUCAS’s personalized coaching approach. Our algorithm evaluates various parameters, enabling tailored recommendations to enhance driver skills, fuel efficiency, and overall performance. Unlock the full potential of your drivers and elevate your fleet to new heights.

Experience the transformative capabilities of LUCAS –

Real-time driver scoring, personalized coaching, unparalleled insights, unmatched safety, data-driven driver empowerment, efficiency optimization, and intelligent driver analytics. Embrace the future of driver performance enhancement and unlock the full potential of your fleet.

Unlock Performance Excellence with LUCAS

– how it works

LUCAS has two modes parallel working based on VEHICLE DATA gathered and calculating extra 60 parameters in real time using state of the art algorithm:

DRIVE mode:

LUCAS actively monitors driving conditions, empowering drivers to correct poor behavior instantly. Engaged whenever the vehicle is in motion and the engine is running.

TRIP summary mode:

Gain a detailed overview of performance indicators, displaying the summary for the latest trip or the average of the past 10 trips.

Supercharge Driver Performance Today: Experience Transformation with the Power of LUCAS!