FMSinterface 4

Orchestrating Data to Fuel Smarter Mobility

This is the 4th generation of CANGO’s gateways, integrating all our vehicles protocols and hardware technologies in one, and they are suitable for any type of vehicles from small passenger cars, VANs, busses, HGVs, trailers, and off-highway vehicles to any equipment’s with a diesel engine.

FMSinterface 4

– benefits

FMS interface is an electronics device that acts as a gateway, to read the data from all vehicle data networks and translate the data into FMS standard (J1939). CANGO advanced FMS interface can connect to all Vehicle Data Network like CANbus, J1939, J1708/J1587, ISO11992 and Proprietary CAN data networks and translate the data into standardized protocols like FMS 4.0 or in ASCII protocols on RS232 or Bluetooth using easy API to be integrated in your telematics device.

Elevate Your Fleet: Uncover the Power of the CANGO FMS Interface

Detailed information about trip, engine, and driver behavior

Reduce vehicle maintenance costs and increase safety

Save fuel up to 15% and reduce C02 footprint

Improve driver behavior

More accurate data available than manufacturers’ interface

Experience Unmatched Efficiency: CANGO FMS Interface – Your Fleet’s Game Changer

Act as a firewall, so the vehicle data network cannot be interfered

Translate the proprietary vehicle signals into FMS standard

Filter data, not all data is made available

Even if the FMS gateway from the vehicle is not activated can still offer you the data

FMS interface 4

– how it works

The CANGO FMS Interface offers more than just streaming data, processing the data inside with state-of-the-art algorithms, calculating better and more parameters than the vehicle manufacturer ECU.

Flexible. Suitable for all commercial vehicle: HGV’s, Trailers, Buses & Coaches, LCV’s

Complete. One solution for your entire fleet that runs a mix-and-match applications.

Complementary. Offer support in several industries like Agriculture, Mining and Construction equipment’s, Public Transportation and Smart Mobility.

Easy to integrate – 100% non-intrusive technology!

Fast integration with all telematics platforms and modems

Non- intrusive installation with CANGOclick for CANbus and J1708

Easy installation with comprehensive install guide for all type of vehicles

Easy setup with CANfigurator software

The communication with telematics systems on ASCII protocol for Driver Behavior Analyses can be done more effortless than ever using serial port or Bluetooth